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Weighted Vests for Dogs

  • March 15, 2018

    Weight Vest: The Health Benefits

    Going on long walks along with your dog is not merely beneficial for your requirements, however it can help your pet stay healthy as well. If your pet is overweight, the added pressure of a weighted dog vest is a good way to burn excess energy and shed unhealthy pounds in a smaller quantity of time.

    The added weight of the vest will improve your dogs strength and muscle tone as time passes and can decrease the suggested 20-30 minutes of daily exercise recommended by most veterinarians. Some people who use a weighted vest because of their dogs have even cut their exercise time in half without sacrificing the health benefits of daily activity.

    As a result of employing a vest, you are able to expect you'll see your pet be more agile and have increased endurance. And hopefully you will too! So strap a comfortable quality weighted doggie vest to your pooch and get a 20-30 minute walk.

  • March 15, 2018

    Choosing a Weighted Vest for Your Dog

    If your dog is overweight, then make sure you talk to your veterinarian about the advantages of purchasing a weighted vest for your very best friend. While the friendly pet expert in this video shares, weighted vests are a fantastic tool for pet owners to use to encourage fat loss and to curb bad habits or destructive behaviors. When shopping for your dog's weighted vest, consider his or her size and weight.

    Once you've found the best vest for your four-legged friend, place ten percent of his or her bodyweight into the vest's pockets. As your pet grows used to the vest and shows signs of fat loss and improved health, increase the weights to be approximately 20 percent of his or her body weight.

  • March 15, 2018

    Weighted Vests for Dogs

    If you've got a dog such as the Energizer bunny or even a chubby puppy that would stand to reduce several pounds, a heavy dog vest will be the ideal training aid. Weights help dogs build muscle and stamina, and a weighed vest compensates for the pooch's insufficient thumbs.

    Vest Function

    A weighted vest serves essentially the same purpose along with your dog as it does with your own body: to construct lean muscle and increase stamina and endurance. The weights add extra resistance as your dog moves, which makes the muscles work harder. Proper muscle tone is needed for show and working dogs, and weighted vests give your pooch a powerful, lithe physique. Weighted vests also help tire out a hyper dog. Consider it like a toddler carrying a backpack: he'll still run and play with the pack on, but will tire out after 30 minutes of playing rather than an hour.

    Types of Vests

    Weighted vests can be found in two basic types: pocketed vests with weights and backpack-type vests without weights. Pocketed vests have little compartments with flat weights that slide in and out depending on your dog's fitness level. Backpack vests are empty and can be weighted with household items such as for example water bottles. Backpack vests offer a bit more flexibility for those who like to visit and hike making use of their pooches, since your dog can carry their own goodies.

    Safe Vest Use

    For the very first few training sessions, introduce your dog to his vest sans weights. Slip the vest over his head, and center the back over his shoulders. The vest should center the weight within the dog's withers to avoid pain and muscle strain. Add weight to the vest slowly, and observe the length of time it will take your dog to get tired. If he flops over after 10 minutes in the vest, remove a little weight. If he goes for one hour without batting an eye, add more weight throughout your next training session.